We receive a lot of questions and emails asking about where we get the ideas for each collection and what inspires our designs.   The interesting thing we've found about inspiration is that it can hit at any time and any place.  Sure it sounds more exciting to say we were inspired by vintage beads bought at a French flea market or the shades of green we saw while hiking in the Maine woods but sometimes, when we're not even looking, inspiration finds us right in our own home.  So here are some images of our home as it was featured in The Boston Globe a few weeks ago.


We had no idea the article was going to be so extensive and we definitely weren't expecting such a gigantic picture (good thing we swept up the dust bunnies that morning).  Christopher Muther, who wrote the article, did an amazing job of describing our home and our work plus he used one of our favorite Smiths' songs as inspiration for the headline.