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Silhouette Necklaces

Product image 1Silhouette Necklaces
Product image 2Silhouette Necklaces

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We are very pleased to offer a selection of jewelry by British artist and designer Rachel Eardley.  Working with actual currency and a small handsaw, Rachel meticulously slices each coin into finely detailed silhouettes.  These intricately cut kings, queens, animals, ships and plants are then combined and collaged into Rachel's beautifully crafted jewelry designs.

The Ship necklace features a half penny, the Queen & Crown features a one penny, the Owl features a Greek apaxmai and the French centime features...a centime! Each piece of Rachel Eardley jewelry is packaged in a unique, customized gift box indicating the vintage coin(s) used for production.

Gold plated brass & copper.  Sterling silver chain.  Ship chain measures 16" with a 1.25" drop.  Queen & Crown chain measures 17" with a 1.75" drop.  Owl chain measures 17" with a 1" drop.  Centime chain measures 17" with a 1.25" drop.  Sold individually. Made in the U.K. 

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